Legends of Kingdom Rush, a turn-based strategy game, comes to Apple Arcade, Apple’s subscription service. Unfortunately the date is not clear.

The turn-based strategy game Legends of Kingdom Rush, published and developed by Ironhide Irl, is coming to Apple Arcade.

Pocket Gamer announced that Legends of Kingdom Rush will come to the Apple Arcade system, but unfortunately no date has been shared. The game’s Apple Arcade page says “Coming Soon”. So we can expect it to arrive in a week or two.

About Legends of Kingdom Rush

Embark on an epic journey through the medieval fantasy world of Kingdom Rush in this awesome RPG game with rogue-like elements!

Lead the strongest Kingdom Rush characters

5 Legendary Heroes, such as the mighty knight Gerald Işıkarayan or the cunning shadow assassin Asra Dagger, await your orders.
11 Companion Heroes with different abilities and powers, such as the skilled forest guard, the flexible dwarf bomber, or the menacing black knight, will lead their Legends to victory.
Unlock all these fantastic heroes as you advance through an increasingly dangerous land.
Strategic Grid Based Combat

Move them strategically on a hexagonal-based grid to best adapt your heroes and skills to your combat tactics. Change and match your heroes and friends until you find the ideal team for each battle.

Experience the Unique Story of Kingdom Rush

Learn more about the Kingdom Rush universe with over 100 narrative events and combat in lush forests, rugged mountains and ruined terrains.


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