TWICE achieved in the latest episode of Music Bank their 100th victory in music shows. The girls thanked ONCE with the following messages and publications:

“First first place. And the hundredth first place. One in a million ECEs, who shine more than anything on earth and who are always with TWICE.”

Many thanks to ONCE for allowing us to place first! ”

Congratulations ONCE for your 100th place! Even if you are away, I really feel your support. They keep telling me not to roll down the window on the way home, so I couldn’t, but really, I also miss you. I am always grateful and I really appreciate you! As I am in a good mood today, I will upload many

ONCE whom I miss! It would have been much better if you could have been with us today. Although that’s unfortunate, today is still such a happy day! I know you all had fun at home. I hope everyone has a party at home today! When our promotions end, we will do the same in our bedroom. Congratulations to ONCE and TWICE. We will also do well our performance tomorrow! Thank you and I love you ELEVEN

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