TWICE, Oh My Girl, and BLACKPINK have topped the corporate image lists of female idol groups for the month of June. TWICE ranked first with 5,328,644 points followed by Oh My Girl with 5,228,144 points and BLACKPINK with 4,574,999 points.




Red Velvet


Girls ’Generation



Take a look at the fan comments below:

Not overrated at all.

The members survived YGE’s actual battle training program and that deserves respect for itself … and calling them ‘BlackPink’ was great.

Not overrated, don’t make this portal become allkpop v2. They were rumored to be returning this month + Lisa was very active in China.

Everglow isn’t doing any activities right now, obviously you can’t compare them to a group from a well-known company, they got recognition as one of the best rookie groups. Don’t worry, as time goes by, they will get what they deserve, like their username as an example, they criticized and criticized for over 2 years, and they watch it now, trending topic every time their show airs.

You can always criticize a group or a performance, but I only see that I hate here, you are the style to detect a single mistake and judge everything by that, you should see other live performances of them and you can see, stop spreading unnecessary hatred here, yeah you’re here to spread negative energy, so don’t comment first;)

Congratulations to TWICE and Oh My Girl!

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