TWICE has earned its ninth SBS Inkigayo win with MORE & MORE. With 9309 points they beat Oh My Girl’s Nonstop.

Watch the video:

Check out the fan comments below:

We still have a chance to win next week. Digitals are really good, but MV views are not the best. Once please stream MV for more earnings!

Congratulations Twice 🍭 Won 106 music shows in total show Twice deserves it 💚💚💚

And this is it !! Show Champion, Music Bank, Let’s Show! Music Core and Inkigayo for The Triple Crown next week! Congratulations TWICE

Now both Red Velvet and Twice are the only ggs to win 9 wins in music shows in 2020

Yes, congratulations to my queens for the ninth and once again we work hard ❤❤😘😘😘👸👸👸👸
Congratulations to the TWICE girls for this victory in Inkigayo from SBS! Leave your comment on our Facebook page or Twitter account.


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