The content streaming platform Twitch announced on Thursday (7) that the Watch Parties, exhibition sessions opened by the creators for all fans, will now have the Amazon Prime Video catalog as an option. Usually, the service is more geared towards games.

This means that channel owners can broadcast films and series from the platform’s collection and open this signal to viewers, who do not have to pay any additional costs. The process is very intuitive: just open the Watch Party, select what you want to broadcast and follow the exhibition with the audience.

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For now, the feature is only available in the United States and does not involve all titles, but several original productions are released, such as Hunters, Preacher and The Boys. The beta of the feature was tested from April and implementation was accelerated because of the new coronavirus pandemic – after all, both content creators and fans are now at home longer because of social isolation measures.

It is worth remembering that, despite nothing conventional, the strategy makes sense: Amazon has owned Twitch since 2014 and this can be a way to attract new subscribers to the Prime package. The company said it “is working on the global launch” of the Watch Parties for the next few months.


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