Twitter’s highly controversial blue tick policy has been updated as per the terms and users will be able to reapply early next year.

The signs that are generally defined as badges in social networks and show that the accounts are approved by the network have become an element of reputation. Accounts with these badges are naturally more reputable and reliable. On the other hand, fake accounts are prevented.

Twitter blue tick is coming back
Twitter has been distributing badges that we know as blue ticks for a long time, but after it was revealed that some racist accounts were approved in 2017, requests were stopped. Until now, it was only given to users who had direct contact with Twitter employees.

Twitter has revised its approved account procedures and updated them in line with existing rules. The requests of users who want blue ticks in their accounts will begin to be received again as of January 2021.

According to the new update, users will be able to apply for a blue tick from the Account Settings tab. The application will be finalized after the autonomous and manual review processes. Users will be able to add their demographic information to the application form, if they wish.

It is not yet clear what will be required in the application or what will be the process. Twitter will announce the road map for this in the coming days. Blue teak categories are divided into government officials, journalists, brands, individuals, sports organizations, entertainment organizations, activism individuals or institutions, academics, religious leaders. Categories can be decreased or increased depending on the situation.

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Applications for Twitter Blue Tick Starts Next Year

Twitter also announced that it will add new tags such as State Supported Media, such as Memory Account or Bot Account, which it has attached just below accounts.


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