The podcast initiative called Breaker was creating interactive publications by incorporating community and social elements. The team joins the Twitter Spaces platform and their applications are being removed.

Recently, we are witnessing that podcast initiatives are bought by a technology giant one after another. Following Apple and Amazon, Twitter also bought a podcast initiative to improve voice chats.

Breaker is history
As it is known, Twitter is testing a voice chat group tool called Spaces. Account owner in Spaces tool; It can set up voice chat rooms where its followers can join or just listen.

Voice chat rooms, which Telegram also uses, are prepared in a way that you can quickly join and communicate, unlike video call applications. In this respect, it is seen as an important potential for the future.

Twitter; He bought the podcast initiative called Breaker to take his project further. Breaker is known for its podcast broadcasts blending a little more community and social elements. The developer team has fully joined Twitter and will take part in voice chat in Spaces. Breaker mobile applications will be removed from stores as of January 15.

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