Known for its support and interest in Bitcoin, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced new features in its popular Cash App app that will encourage users to buy Bitcoin.

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, who has over 350 million monthly active users, works very hard for Bitcoin.

Dorsey is known to be a Bitcoin enthusiast and gives open support to Bitcoin. Dorsey, which has another company with 6-7 developers developing only for Bitcoin, creates innovations in the Cash App application of this company that will encourage people to buy Bitcoin.

Dorsey announced yesterday that over 4.5 million Twitter followers have added a new Bitcoin-related feature in the Cash App . Accordingly, users will be able to make automatic Bitcoin purchases on the application on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis. Square CEO also said that from now on, users can see the value of their money as “satoshi”, which is the equivalent of the dollar’s bitcoin in Bitcoin. The tweet on the subject received over 4 thousand likes in a short time.

“Bitcoin will be the money of the internet”
Dorsey believes that Bitcoin will become the currency of the internet. Twitter CEO explains this with 4 reasons and these reasons; The brand ranks as strong foundations, deflationary quality and durability. Dorsey, who also personally invested in Bitcoin, said in a statement he made last year that he had set a $ 10,000 limit every week and made a purchase in this way.


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