Evaluating Apple’s new privacy policies, Twitter CFO Ned Segal said that they are not worried about IDFA, but that the new update will create a fair competition environment.

Twitter CFO Ned Segal said that changes to iOS 14.5 to protect user privacy and limit ad tracking could have a positive impact on small companies, saying they are not concerned about this.

Twitter is comfortable
Some companies, including Facebook, opposed a significant change to the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) tag that requires apps to explicitly request permission before tracking users, saying it would hurt ad revenue. Speaking about this situation, Twitter CFO Ned Segal stated that most of the data collected by Twitter is not tied to a device ID, so they will not suffer major losses in revenue.

Segal argues that this change will enable small companies to continue racing under equal conditions with larger companies, and argues that the sector will be positively affected by this situation.

Segal also said Twitter does not want to be in a hurry with IDFA, and stated that the company will wait a while before asking users to enable the tracking option on iOS.


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