Twitter is finally introducing the option to dislike a tweet. Let’s take a look at the new development tested by a limited user.


Twitter hasn’t been shy about testing some features lately. It seems that the Stories feature, which attracts a lot of attention in many social media applications, did not keep it on Twitter. Besides, this feature will be removed from the platform as of August 3rd. Twitter’s last radical innovation will be the dislike bot.

Recently, some iOS users started seeing like-dislike buttons under a tweet in Twitter apps. Like button is already in use. The dislike feature will be available for the first time and it looks like it will be of interest. According to the statement made by Twitter, both the person who posted the tweet and the followers will not be able to see the number of dislikes of the tweet. But we think that these numbers will be seen after a while.

On the other hand, Twitter is working on two different designs for the like-dislike feature. One of them uses up and down arrows, and the other uses thumbs up and down.


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