It was determined that hackers who took over Twitter accounts and shared Bitcoin tweets last night used BitPay and Coinbase accounts.

After the attacks that broke out from Obama to Biden yesterday, including the outbreak of yesterday and accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges, the details begin to emerge.

As the followers will know yesterday, TSI was taken over by Binance yesterday, and then this wave was spread on exchanges such as Coinbase, Gemini, KuCoin. Hackers, not limited to the cryptocurrency sector, acted in a wide range from Obama’s account to Kanye West and even Kim Kardashian. Tweets were sent from all these accounts that followers were asked to send Bitcoin to the specified address.

Data analysis firm Whitestream has determined that some of the addresses hackers use are related to BitPay and Coinbase. According to the findings, the attackers who obtained Bitcoin from a large number of Twitter users later sent them to different addresses. Some of these addresses belonged to BitPay and some belonged to Coinbase and CoinPayments platforms. It was understood that the hackers collected 15 BTC worth about 140 thousand dollars in total.

Meanwhile, in the last statement about the attack on Twitter, “The attackers launched a social engineering attack targeting some of our employees who have access to internal systems and tools. With the access information they captured, they entered famous accounts with verified accounts and tweeted for them. […] While our investigation is continuing, we have also taken very important steps to limit access to our internal systems and vehicles. Our investigation is still ongoing and we will keep you informed. ” The statement said.

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