The Twitter account verification program, which hosts more than 200 million users all over the world. The blue tick is back.


As you know, one of the most used generic channels of today is Twitter. This platform, which is very common in our country, is also used by the state elders. This platform, which allows us to sometimes follow developments and sometimes share our mood, now restarts the verification program. As it is known, there is a blue tick next to some accounts on the social platform. The meaning of this blue tick appears as a verified account. If you also look at the accounts of the state elders, you can easily notice this detail.

With the information received today, the popular social platform announced that it has re-launched the account verification program. In other words, users will be able to apply to the platform to verify their accounts, verify their accounts, and display the blue tick feature on their profiles.

Twitter Has Restarted Account Verification Program

As you may remember, four years ago, the platform disabled the account verification feature. This feature, which was used by millions of users four years ago, is now rising from the ashes. The company also stated that it has reactivated the account verification feature and that users who wish can verify their accounts by applying. Profiles of users who have succeeded in verifying their accounts will also have a blue tick, a verified account icon. Users whose accounts are both more secure and who have registered their ownership can now access this feature. It should be noted once again that many celebrities and government officials use this feature.


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