Twitter concealed President Trump’s statement about the demonstrations in Minneapolis, “If looting starts, firing also begins,” on the grounds of “glorifying violence”, but left it open to access.

US President Donald Trump shared a few hours after signing the controversial decree targeting social media companies, in the Twitter post he shared with protesters protesting the murder of black American George Floyd by a white police in Minneapolis, “These thugs are staining the memory of George Floyd . I just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that he was with him until the end of the army. We will provide control in the face of all kinds of difficulties, but if looting starts, firing also starts. ”

President Trump’s posted this post, which he saw as a violation of the rules of glorifying violence by the Twitter administration, and said:

“This Tweet violated the Twitter rules of glorifying violence. However, Twitter determined that it would be in the public interest to keep the tweet accessible ”.

Trump’s share can be seen by double-clicking on this note.

  • In a statement made by Twitter, it was reported that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was informed about the issue before Trump’s said sharing was concealed.

After two Twitter posts were labeled as “in need of confirmation”, Trump signed a decree yesterday that could open the way to change the law that gave social media companies exemption from content responsibility. Trump, who specifically targets Twitter in his speech at the signing ceremony, argues that the social media platform is doing “political activism”.


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