Both the pandemic period and the US presidential elections enabled Twitter to increase the number of active users in the last quarter. Consequently, the income also exceeded expectations.

It has made a significant impact on social media networks as people are locked up at home due to the pandemic and become more involved with the internet. One of them, Twitter, closed the last year with user increase.

Exceeded expectations
Twitter, which had trouble gaining users in 2019, had a very productive last year. Especially the mobility that started with the presidential elections in the USA caused an increase in the number of active users.

According to the announced financial statements, Twitter reached a total of 192 million daily active users in the last quarter of last year. In parallel with the platform, which achieved an increase of 27 percent on a yearly basis, its revenues exceeded expectations. Despite the analysis’s expectations of $ 1.19 billion, Twitter managed to generate about $ 1.29 billion in revenue.

Twitter is expected to maintain its momentum in the first quarter of the new year, but the recent restrictions on government officials seem to fuel the debate. Twitter, which put an obstacle to Trump in the USA, also restricted Süleyman Soylu’s posts in our country, which he thought were discriminatory. In this respect, the number of platforms claiming that Twitter will turn into a censorship tool is quite high.


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