Microblog site Twitter has begun testing a feature that allows users to retrieve their tweets within a certain period of time.

It turned out that the social media platform Twitter is continuing to work on a feature called “undo” where the sent tweets can be retrieved.

Will count down
This feature was noticed by Jane Manchun Wong, who found many features through reverse engineering on Twitter and other platforms. If you notice a typo or other error in the post you tweeted with the Undo button, you will be able to cancel the posting of the tweet. This feature, which will work as a typical countdown, will give you a certain amount of time, and if you do not take any action, the tweet will be broadcast.

Since the new feature is currently under development, there is no clear information about when Twitter plans to release it. However, how useful the Undo function will be for users is a mystery. For a long time, it has been desired to have the ability to edit posts on Twitter, as in other social media platforms. However, we can say that the company continues its persistence in not offering any innovation in this regard.


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