Twitter has just added a new feature to its application: voice tweets. As its name suggests, this new feature allows users to attach voice memos of up to 140 seconds to their text messages. At the moment it is only available for some iOS users, but in the coming weeks it will reach all users of the Apple operating system. There is no information about her arrival on Android.

It is not the first time that Twitter has flirted with voice messages, since a few years ago it launched a similar function in the Periscope live shows. The difference is that this audio was broadcast in real time, while voice tweets are more similar to a WhatsApp voice memo.

Up to 140 seconds per tweet

The operation of voice tweets is really simple. On the screen where we compose a tweet and attach an image or video, a new waveform icon will appear. Pressing it will open the audio recorder. Just press the record button and start talking. The limit is 140 seconds (just over two minutes), but it is a half limit.

Why? Because the app lets you record as long as you want. If a recording is three minutes long, for example, Twitter will cut it into a 140-second snippet and a 40-second snippet, each posting them in a tweet, thereby creating a thread. The audio will appear on the timeline of other users as a card with the profile picture of the user who sends it. For now, the possibility of uploading a pre-recorded audio has not been mentioned.

If we want to reproduce it, it will be enough to touch the card and let the audio continue. At the bottom a fairly basic player will appear that will allow us to pause or cancel it, in addition to continuing to browse the app while the recording continues to play.

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As we indicated at the beginning, voice tweets are available from today for a small group of iOS users and, soon, they will reach all those who use an iPhone or iPad. People who use Android will surely have to wait a little longer. Another function that is pending to reach everyone is the Fleets, its particular approach to the stories format.


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