Twitter started this Tuesday (5) new tests to reduce the amount of more heated discussions and fights on the social network.

The feature is a kind of pop-up that appears in the app after you write a response that is considered offensive by the platform. Before you send, the service will give you an option to rethink the attitude and try to avoid very aggressive language.

You can ignore the warning and post it anyway, but this is a way for the company to try to calm users’ spirits. In parallel, the network has intensified the process of deleting publications reported as offensive to minorities.

“When things get hot, you can say things you wouldn’t like. To allow you to rethink an answer, we’re doing a limited experiment on iOS with a command that gives you the option to review the answer before it gets published, if it use language that can be harmful, “says the statement.

The publication does not explain what terms will be taken into account or how this analysis will be done. For now, only select groups of network users in the iOS application have received the news, which means that it may not even be applied in the stable version and for all registered users.


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