Twitter started receiving blue tick, verified account applications again.

Twitter announced that it renewed its rules for verified accounts, or blue tick, as it is commonly known, and reveals the blue badge to more users. On the other hand, very clear guidelines have been put forward for this. Note that the app was launched after the company began receiving public feedback late last year for a new draft verification policy aimed at promoting a healthy conversation on the platform.

“Today’s app presentation marks the next milestone in our plans to provide more transparency, credibility and clarity to verification on Twitter,” the company said in a statement.

To qualify for a verified account, you must have at least a complete account with a profile name, profile picture, and a verified email address or phone number. In addition, the account must be active within the last 6 months without any violations against Twitter’s rules. In addition, the service listed categories that would qualify for the blue badge as government, companies, brands and organizations, news organizations and journalists, entertainment, sports and games, and activists / organizers. The badge seen on verified accounts provides added credibility to tweets and will notify users that the messages are from a specified person and not from a fake or spoofed account.

Later this year, Twitter will add other categories such as scientists, academics, and religious leaders. If you want to be verified, you can go to the Account Settings tab in the app. If your application is rejected, you have the right to apply again 30 days after receiving the rejection notification from Twitter.

Twitter shared its future plans, including updating the user’s profile page with an “About” tab, tagging auto accounts over the next few months, and specifying the accounts of deceased users.

According to Twitter, 360,000 accounts are currently verified.


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