Twitter removes the “Extract Tweet” option in the “Retweet” button and turns the button back to its original state.Twitter has launched an experiment that encourages users to quote a tweet instead of a retweet.

This change was first implemented in October as part of preparatory work for the 2020 US Elections. The company added the “Tweet Extraction” option to the retweet button, which allows users to share a tweet by adding instead of sharing it as it is, so that they can express their opinions more easily. Now this change reverts and the retweet button reverts to its default shape.

Twitter says the change was reversed because of single-word additions in the quoted tweets. According to the statistics kept by the company, 70 percent of the articles added to the quoted tweets were written with less than 25 characters. For this reason, the company thinks that quoted tweets fail to achieve their original purpose. In addition, we can say that the company has taken a step back because the change has confused many users. Although Twitter tried to explain the change in detail, it did not pay off. For this reason, the change in the retweet button seems to be shelved for now.

The company continues to implement key innovations to prevent information pollution in shared content and to encourage people to discuss and chat more on specific topics. The change in the Retweet feature was also one of the innovations in this scope, but it has been suspended due to the lack of results for now. It is not clear whether this feature will be used again in the coming days. However, users will still be able to add their own ideas to their retweeted tweets by using the “Add comment” section. For this reason, reversing the change does not mean that this feature is completely removed. The company simply ceases to offer this feature as a separate option.

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Finally, it should be noted that Twitter plans improvements and innovations for tweets and other features, and these changes and innovations will begin to be offered to users in the future.


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