Clubhouse tracking Twitter Spaces started to be offered to users with over 600 followers.
Twitter launched its Clubhouse competitor, Twitter Spaces, in beta towards the end of last year. Sound chambers feature came to Android in March. Now, Twitter Spaces is accessible to all users with over 600 followers.

While Spaces allows users to come together and talk about any topic they choose, it remains under the control of the users who create this space. It is also possible to pin tweets, turn on captions for everyone in the room, and invite other users to speak in this area. Participant users can also request to speak during the conversation. Hosts and attendees will also be able to report users or directly to the domain. Additionally, hosts will be able to mute all speakers at once if conversations get out of control. A user’s followers will see their currently live Spaces at the top of their Twitter feed and see the option to join.

Twitter also announced some new features for sound rooms. First of all, ticketed Spaces allows hosts to charge users for the privilege of participating in a particular conversation. While hosts can set the price and maximum amount of tickets available, revenue mostly goes to the meeting host. Of course, Twitter does not neglect to buy a small amount for itself. The company will also bring the ability to plan Spaces and set reminders for them in the coming weeks.

Later features include the ability to host Spaces with other users, improvements to live captions, and new ways to access Spaces by highlighting a user’s profile picture in the Twitter feed if a space is available at that time.

There will also be the ability to delegate presenter and host with other people in case you want it to help manage speakers and attendees, or if you leave the room. In addition, improvements are made in live subtitles.

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