Twitter has been working for a long time to prevent the spread of false news or information. After the chaos of information after the 2016 US presidential election, Twitter finally rolled up its sleeves to prevent information pollution. Twitter is testing a new feature to prevent the spread of tweets containing false information.

Twitter offers radical solution to false information problem
Twitter appeared recently with its new feature. In addition to this feature that makes it easy for you to find your old tweets, it has gone through its work for false information problems and false news sharing that it has been working on for some time. At this point, we can say that the first studies were carried out on the tweets of politicians and journalists.

Twitter, which recently banned deepfakes content, is also developing new moves to reduce fake news sharing.

Thanks to this system, where you can score whether the information contained in the tweets is correct or not, the information in the tweets is graded. According to the news in NBC News, users report that they can score points and earn a “community badge” by rating tweets containing false information. Twitter wants to create community members that it trusts from 1 to 100 who can score and respond correctly at similar rates.

“We’re investigating a variety of ways to handle false information and provide more context for tweets on Twitter,” says the Twitter spokesperson.

There will be an orange rectangular notification under the rated tweets where there will be real sources of information and accurate numbers. In other words, the demos that arise indicate that this is the way it works at least. The leaked demo proves that there is even an example of the new corona virus outbreak by a verified Twitter account. It also includes examples of misinformation, such as health and medical issues.

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Although there is no date information about when the feature will be released, it is thought that it will start to be used soon.


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