With the experimental feature starting in certain countries, it allows you to record 140 seconds of voice while sending a private message. So you can reply to messages quickly.

There is an option to send voice messages across chat applications. Twitter, which has a private messaging module, also took action to present it to its users. Voice messages are in the testing phase.

Twitter voicemail era
Twitter, which has been testing the Clubhouse-like Spaces feature for a while, is now testing the voice messages feature in DM. The feature, which has started closed testing since autumn, will now become widespread country by country.

The feature, available in Japan, Brazil and India, allows you to record 140-second voice messages. You can then send it via private message. Thus, it is possible to quickly record messages when you are not able to write as per the concept.

Voice messages can be used on both iOS and Android applications. As will be remembered, the Voice Tweet feature could be used with iOS. In the coming days, the voicemail private message feature will be expanded to more countries.


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