Twitter Stories News: It has been announced that the Twitter Stories, or Fleets feature, developed by Twitter to rival Instagram, will be unplugged.


Social media wars have been marked by the Stories feature in recent years. This feature, which caused Snapchat to take a heavy blow, started to come to almost every platform from Instagram to WhatsApp. Twitter also did not remain silent on this trend and launched the Fleets feature, which is Twitter Stories, in the past months. Thanks to Fleets, Twitter users could share stories that disappeared after a while. Bad news came today for users who usually share their tweets in this section.

Microblogging site Twitter has officially announced that it will unplug the Fleets feature in August. Removing this feature, which is not popular with Twitter users, will not change much. Because there were not many people using this feature. From time to time, social media giants try such new features and terminate them when they don’t work. Fleets will also find its place among the historical features in this process.

It is clear that Twitter will not make such a feature like this type of stories available again. Those who already use the platform use it not to look at stories like Instagram, but to read tweets quickly and be informed or have fun. We can even say that the removal of Fleets, which slows down Twitter’s load time and negatively affects data usage, was even good.

We can say that the stories feature, which started with Snapchat, has found its place on all platforms. Let’s hope this craziness gets simplified as soon as possible and remains unique to a single platform.


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