Microblogging Twitter, which has been popular since its first release in 2006, has been upsetting its users with ads recently.

Twitter is one of the social media applications that many of us use in our daily life. Microblog has resisted well against competitors such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, where visuals are at the forefront and maintains its popularity for years. Even the current US president shares important events here, expresses his opinions.

There is a problem with ads
Twitter, which is currently on the agenda with an error that drives its users crazy, has filled some users’ home pages with ads. The error ranks the sponsored content, which should be infrequent at the usual time, like regular tweets. Some users reported seeing between four and six ads in a row. This is obviously due to a problem caused by the site’s advertising system. Until now, the company has preferred to keep the ads at normal levels and not to attract the overreaction of users, rather than crowding the users with advertisements. In fact, as explained on the company’s professional website, the company states that we are thoughtful and sensitive about how many ads users see in a day.


No official statement has yet come
The company currently hasn’t made a statement or announcement on any of its official accounts, @Twittersupport, @Twitter, @TwitterComms, or @TwitterMktg. For this reason, we do not know exactly how many users are affected by this problem in which regions. Considering that users who are impatient in the absence of explanations block the accounts of advertisers, the ads of these accounts will not appear to the user in the target audience in the future. This can cause pretty big problems for Twitter.


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