Twitter has been fined 450,000 Euros for a data breach that also affected Ireland.
Twitter was fined in a cross-border case under the European Union’s new privacy law.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission announced that the microblog site has been fined 450,000 Euros for late notification of a data breach.

More than two years had passed since the European General Data Protection Regulation came into force. During this period, the first penalty was given to Twitter. Under the new privacy regulation, companies have to notify the relevant regulators within 72 hours of learning about the data breach. In addition, companies need to document what data is affected and how they dealt with the incident.

Twitter announced a breach that occurred in January 2019 to Irish observers. According to the violation announced, the problem occurred in the Android version of Twitter. The “Protected Tweet” setting in this version was disabled and private tweets were made public. Users using Twitter on Android devices and changing some account settings were affected by this issue. However, users accessing Twitter via iOS or web were not affected by the problem in any way.

After the investigation into the issue began, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission found that Twitter did not report the breach in a timely manner and provided insufficient documentation as required by the European General Data Protection Regulation. After this determination, again according to the regulation, the Irish Data Protection Commission fined Twitter 450,000 €.

Lastly, let’s say that this sentence is the first sentence to Twitter. Undoubtedly, this penalty decision will put pressure on other companies.

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