Kit Harington, Jon Snow of Game of Thrones, seems to bring two different characters to life in The Eternals, which will be released next year. The fact that the film will span over 1000 years can lead the famous actor to portray different reincarnations of his character.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the vision date of many films has also been delayed to a later date, but new developments continue to occur about some important films. It is known that the new cast of The Eternals, which is expected to be released next year and aims to expand the universe even more, will include Kit Harington, which we all know from Game of Thrones. According to the new information that has emerged, the famous actor will give life to not one but two different characters in the movie.

It is known that Harington will now bring Black Knight to life in Eternals’ cast. This character, also known as Dane Whitman, was in a relationship with Sersi, an Eternal member in the comics. Introducing a very solid cast for the movie, Marvel introduced only Harington, one of the names that will portray the human character in the movie. Of course, there is a detail at this point. Eternals’ story is expected to tell a time span greater than 1000 years. Considering that Dane Whitman is human, we predict that she will only live in a certain period.

Kit Harington can also bring a second character to life

While Kit Harington is thought to stay longer in the series, the most important claim at this point is thought to be a second character. Harington is expected to bring a second character to life in flashbacks in the Eternals series. This claim also overlaps Black Knight’s comic book history. Marvel Comics’ Black Knight character is passed on from generation to generation in many different periods. Various reincarnation of the character took place in this process as well. For example, Eobar Garrington was a swordmaster who lived in the 12th century. Harington is also thought to play Eobar Garrington along with Dane Whitman.

Kit Harington’s bringing life to two different characters seems also important in terms of Eternals’ story spanning a very wide process. The Eternals will be released on February 10, 2021, according to Marvel’s statement. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic can cause this date to be delayed. We will keep you informed as new developments occur.


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