The Acer GAHR11 and GAHR10 fully wireless headphones allow you to charge quickly with the USB Type-A and USB Type-C integrated cables in their charging boxes.

Fierce competition in the full wireless headset class pushes the players to find different solutions. This week, Acer introduced two new models of fully wireless headphones that provide convenience with integrated charging cables.

Acer GAHR11 and GAHR10
The Acer GAHR11 full wireless headset model uses 8mm dynamic drivers, while Bluetooth 5.1 is connected. Advanced technologies such as aptX or LDAC are not included, but can only be connected to a single device.

In the charging box, there are USB Type-C and USB Type-A integrated outlets. So you can quickly plug it into the energy source. There is also an LED display in the box that shows the charge status.

The Acer GAHR10 headset model has the same features. Only USB Type-A cable is integrated in the box. There is a port for USB Type-C. The price of these two headphones is approximately $ 35.

Acer will also sell the GAHR12 headset model under the Gateway subsidiary brand. This headset, which features 9mm driver, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, USB Type-C input, will be sold for $ 48.

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