Two new scenes were shared from the first episode of the 10th season extra 6 episode of the long-running The Walking Dead series, which has popularized the zombie series / movie genre again.

Two new scenes were shared from the 10th season extra episodes of The Walking Dead, which is one of the most popular series of the 2010s but has recently lost its popularity.

The shared scenes are from the first episode of the extra six episodes announced for the tenth season. So we can say from the seventeenth episode of the tenth season. When we look at the scenes, we see that Maggie has little time to face Negan and a zombie action scene.

This 6-episode mini season will actually be the continuation of the tenth season and better connect the story to the eleventh season. These 6 episodes are expected to begin on February 28th.

The final season of the series, the 11th season, will also be released later this year. Except for the 10th season finale of the series, all episodes that have been aired so far are on Netflix. These extra 6 episodes will come to Netflix shortly after they are released. You can watch the aforementioned scenes below.


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