Two songs came from Agar Agar, the indispensable name of recent years and playlists.

French electro-pop duo Agar Agar, consisting of Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel, was able to enter the radar of quality electronic music lovers with Cardan EP, which was released in 2016. As DJ begins to hear on sets, venues, Spotify Discover Weekly charts, “Who are they, what they eat, what they drink, they make such beautiful music ?!” Such questions were not cut back.

After the success of Cardan, which has a 5-song mini-album flavor, and the single, You’re High, the French duo came back with the album The Dog and the Future in 2018. Agar Agar, which has a large fan base in our country, is one of the groups that we are curiously waiting for its road to fall back to Istanbul.

The band, where our expectations of new albums have been unintentionally increased for a while, will have felt this expectation that they shared two songs named Nap and Aaaaah. We reminded that we are looking forward to the news of the new album soon to be released by the band, which came up with a click electric more than the pop sound we are used to, and immediately left two new singles down.


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