David Gilmour, who recently covered two Leonard Cohen songs in his live broadcast for his new book, Poly Samson’s last week, sang his old friend and group friend Syd Barrett.

Gilmour family, who came together for the book called Theater for Dreamers, which is expected to take place in Central Hall Westminster in London but could not be realized due to the corona virus, made this event with a live broadcast over the internet. Gilmour family, who turned this into a tradition and a virtual meeting with fans after the first broadcast was very popular, answered the questions in the second part of the series, drinking wine, singing family songs.

Not only that, David Gilmour covered two songs, Octopus and Dominoes, by former Pink Floyd bandmate Syd Barrett. Gilmour explained that he was invited to voice a book of Barrett’s lyrics to be released soon, and shared some personal anecdotes about Barrett and their collaboration time.

Those who do not want to listen to their family conversations can teleport to 17:35 and 32:50 minutes of the video.


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