It was a matter of time and finally it took just over a week since the premiere of ‘Tyler Rake’ for the official confirmation that the second installment is already underway. Logical if we consider that Netflix recently announced that the first part is on the way to achieving the best premiere in the history of the platform.

At the moment, Joe Russo, co-director of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and writer of the first installment, has reached an agreement to write the sequel, returning to work as a producer with his brother Anthony. Netflix will wait until it is ready to take more steps forward with the project, but Russo has taken the opportunity to launch the following message:

“The deal is closed for me to write ‘Tyler Rake 2’ and we are in the early stages of what the story may be. We have not yet committed to whether the story will move forward or backward in time. We left a very open ending that left many questions for the public. ”

In addition, Netflix plans that Sam Hargrave will repeat behind the scenes and that Chris Hemsworth will bring Tyler Rake back to life, being very optimistic about it. As I pointed out before, the streaming platform will wait to have the script to close the agreements with them.

Now we will have to wait for Joe Russo to tune more with the script than in the first installment, since it was, by far, the weakest part of the function. For my part, I hope it is a sequel and not a prequel, because the second option would only lead to an ending where it would be impossible to believe that the character played by Chris Hemsworth is in real danger. And also, that ambiguous outcome of the first is not so much if they already say that they are considering continuing the adventures of Rake …

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