Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is the new title in the Tom Clancy series, and this Monday the company shared full details


This Monday, Ubisoft announced a new game in the Tom Clancy series. Known as Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, it is a development by Ubisoft San Francisco, and it is a FPS (First Person Shooter).

As such, it is a title covered by the Free-to-Play or F2P monetization scheme. That is, although it will have no cost when downloaded, it will surely have microtransactions. Ultimately, you have to maintain the servers.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant will be a Free-to-Play title

This new game is on its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Of course, it will also be available on PC.

Although it does not have a release date yet, it is possible to register for the closed beta through the official website.

The first test will take place with gamers on PC in North America, starting on August 5. So there is a good time to register.

In addition to handling a first-person perspective, Tom Clancy’s XDefiant falls into the category of an Arena Shooter. That is, the fighting, which is very fast, takes place in a closed area.

Battles have custom equipment and specialized factions. The combat is carried out by means of teams, and the members are known as Defiants. They are precisely the ones who give this game its name.

The game will have a wide selection of characters

When playing this title it is possible to choose the faction to which it will belong, as well as its abilities and other options. Primary and secondary weapons, accessories and more extras are also selected.

Everything to fit the style of the player himself. Regarding the combats, they are of teams of 6 vs. 6, and there are modalities like Domination and Escort. It is assumed that when the full version of the game is available there will be a wide variety of maps.

In Tom Clancy’s XDefiant there are factions such as Wolves, Outcasts, Cleaners and Echelon, with which you fight across multiple locations.

Ubisoft revealed that more Defiants will be added as the game evolves. Each of the characters to be added will have their own abilities.

In addition, they will be inspired by the universe created by this writer. It will be interesting to take a look at what the company has planned.


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