Xbox, which added EA Play to Xbox Game Pass in the past months, is now considering to include Ubisoft Plus in the system.

Nowadays, when game prices are being discussed, subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass and EA Play, where we can access many games with a monthly subscription fee, come to the fore. Especially the most striking among these services is Xbox Game Pass. The system, which has been on the agenda with Bethesda games recently, has also included the EA Play service in the past months. Thus, another important claim has been made today regarding Game Pass, which also offers popular games such as FIFA, Battlefield and Need For Speed ​​to its subscribers. According to information shared by VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, Ubisoft Plus can be added to the Xbox Game Pass service.

Jeff Grubb, one of the trusted names in the gaming industry, states that Microsoft is in talks to add Ubisoft +, Ubisoft’s monthly subscription service, to Xbox Game Pass. Thus, the company, which aims to offer Ubisoft-made games to its subscribers, also aims to increase its console sales significantly with this move.

For now, it is not known how Ubisoft will respond to this offer. However, after a possible deal, a price increase is also expected for the Game Pass subscription. Of course, it is worth noting that all this is just a rumor. However, many sources considering Xbox’s EA Play move think that Ubisoft Plus may come to Game Pass.


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