Canonical announced the availability of Ubuntu Core 20 for IoT devices and embedded systems.Canonical announced the general availability of the Ubuntu Core 20 operating system, which is a simplified version of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for IoT devices and embedded systems.

According to the company, the update improves device security through the addition of secure boot, full disk encryption, and secure device recovery capabilities.

Ubuntu Core is available for many popular x86 and ARM single board computers. So the operating system is quite accessible. Because IoT devices are not always easy to update, Canonical has configured Ubuntu Core to provide automatic and reliable updates right out of the box. In this way, end users do not have to worry about updating their devices.

The most familiar device that can run Ubuntu Core is the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. Those who have a Raspberry Pi Compute Module or another compatible device can go to the IoT section of the Ubuntu website and go to Ubuntu Core and can make them work with Ubuntu Core 20.


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