It turns out that the UK-based cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa was attacked on Friday and lost 336 BTC. This amount is 3 million 100 thousand dollars at current prices.

UK-based cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa was attacked.

The incident occurred on Friday, according to a statement from the stock market. After an employee entered the system and made two transfers from the company’s wallet, the stock market lost 336 BTC.

The stock market thinks that the hacker received a notification as soon as he entered the wallet and stole money by acting immediately. It is estimated that the person whose identity has not yet been identified is from the city of Delhi, located in the east of India. Cashaa reported the incident to the Delhi Cyber ​​Crime Bureau.

Using a wallet to send and store Bitcoin, the company suspended all withdrawals for 24 hours. Meanwhile, management is meeting to make a decision as to whether the exchange will bear all losses.

As soon as the attacker pulled hundreds of BTC out of the wallet, he transferred the money, which he divided into smaller amounts, to make it harder to follow. The CEO of the exchange, Kumar Gaurav, told Cointelegraph about the issue that the attackers are daring because they are certain that some exchanges will launder money and such exchanges should be closed. In addition, the CEO thanked Binance for their quick support to exchanges such as CoinDCX, WazirX and Bitbns in India.

After the attack, cryptocurrency Casaa (CAS), which was traded on the MXC of the stock exchange, fell more than 40 percent.


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