The danger of coronavirus, which started in China and spread all over the world in a short time, is still not past. One of the most important symptoms of coronavirus is that patients have a high fever. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Umidigi can measure body temperature thanks to the temperature sensor it has placed on smartphones. The company is known for its durable phones, but it also has affordable products.



Features of Umidigi temperature sensor smartphones

The company’s affordable A9 Pro model is sold for around $ 129 in the global market. The phone sold for entry-level users draws attention with its temperature sensor. There is a quad camera array on the back of the phone. On the front is a 24-megapixel Sony selfie camera. The phone, which has a 6.3 inch FHD screen, has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. In addition, the company has models that cost less than $ 100. The A9 and A7S models also have a temperature sensor. The firm is coming soon with the A9 Max. Again, the phone with a temperature sensor will have 8GB of RAM and the price is expected to be under $ 200. It is predicted to look like the A9 Pro in design.

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Measuring body temperature thanks to the temperature sensor, which is an important feature due to the epidemic we are in, will be an important advantage in combating the epidemic. We expect the company to reach a good sales figure with its new products in the global market.


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