The new game of the studio Naughty Dog, which has produced many successful PlayStation games such as Uncharted and The Last of Us series, may be in the fantasy genre. Details are in our news.

We may have gotten a clue about the new game of Naughty Dog, who signed two of the most successful series of both PlayStation and the game world in general.

Developer Naughty Dog posted a large job posting last week looking for people to work on their new game. We can understand that they are working on a new game with these job postings, but there was no detail about what the game was. Naughty Dog had said in the days of The Last of Us Part II that their next project was either The Last of Us Part III or they would be a new IP.

The latest rumor shows that their new game is a fantasy-themed game, a new IP. A few months ago, Naughty Dog’s senior concept artist Hyoung Nam shared his new design on his Artstation account. In the description, he wrote that he was inspired by the new game and that we know what he meant. If there is any situation that we are really dedicating, it looks like Naughty Dog is developing a new IP with a fantasy theme.

It should be said that Naughty Dog is one of the important companies in the sector. Therefore, whatever project they make will be above a certain quality. We hope to hear the official details about this project soon. You can find the aforementioned design below. You can also check out Hyoung Nam’s other designs here.


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