Sony has shut down the PlayStation Store across China. The Japanese company officially announced the measure last Sunday (10), through the local social network, Weibo.

According to information provided by the Reuters agency, Sony justified the initiative due to “improving system security”, without giving further details. The company also did not inform the date when the service will be reopened on site.

The PlayStation Store suspension in China would have occurred shortly after some reports on social networks. According to netizens, some users were able to hack the system to switch accounts abroad.

In practice, these accesses with the modified location would be able to download banned games or with some kind of restriction in the Asian country. Due to the strict rules within the Chinese territory regarding the area of ​​games, Sony would be interested in correcting this problem immediately.

It is worth remembering that in Europe, Sony has unlocked the region selection in the store for its console, since mid-December last year. The trend is that the initiative will become global in some time.

The manufacturer declined to comment on the situation to Reuters, while the local regulator did not return to contact the agency to comment on the matter.

What is your assessment of this maintenance to improve the security of the PlayStation Store system in China? Share your opinion with us!


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