A report published by China Mobile surprised everyone. How do brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo come to mind when it comes to Chinese phone sales are in the face of the Corona virus, which has taken the world by storm?

China is not afraid for phone sales! China Mobile hopeful
As it is known, the number one country of the East Asian region continues to take strict measures against the epidemic, also called COVID-19. Being the first country to be affected by this outbreak, China is careful in the communication industry.

China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile telecommunications carrier, has declared its normal demand for communication services increasing. Investors of the communications firm are concerned about the balance sheets that will be released later.

The mobile telecommunications brand, which wants to reveal how China is in the field of mobile communications, has released a report that has not yet been audited, summarizing the effects of the Corona virus on China and communication.

According to the related report, China Mobile’s revenue fell by 2 percent to RMB 181 billion ($ 25 billion). The company’s profit rate fell by 0.8 percent to RMB 23.5 billion ($ 3.32 billion).

Despite the decline in income and profit items, the 1.8% growth in telecom services is the first factor that surprises many people.

China Mobile evaluated phone sales that are expected to drop due to COVID-19 along with other sales. The so-called unexpected factor was the total drop rate caused by both smartphones and other products.

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According to the document shared on the Internet, the contracts made for the sale of smartphones and projects prepared for the Internet of Things unfortunately caused a total drop of 34.9 percent in China. Accessories were also included in this dream.

An annual increase of 45.4 percent was observed in the use of short message service (SMS). Thus, we have witnessed once again how many Corona viruses force people to use smartphones.

The company, which also calculates internet usage on smart phones, said that there is a 43.4 percent monthly increase in this area, and that 8.3 GB of data is used per user.

661.4 billion minutes of voice traffic has been obtained!
One of the interesting parts of the report was the 661.4 billion voice traffic accumulated in China Mobile’s networks. This surprising statistic still shows that there is a 16.3 percent drop on an annual basis.

Stating that there is a 3.9 percent decrease in the total number of customers, the Chinese telecommunication giant is hopeful despite everything. Officials said they will continue to take measures to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

It is a big question mark how China Mobile, which is trying to create new sources of income, will reduce costs. What do you think these statistics obtained summarize? Will the negative effects of the Corona virus persist?


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