Malicious hackers continue to enter our smartphones with sneaky apps. This situation, which we see especially on the Android front, still continues and its danger is increasing day by day. Forbes, now a trusted resource, lists these mobile apps announced by Check Point security experts. If you have one of the applications on the list, uninstall it immediately.



These newly discovered mobile applications approach all your information in a very sneaky way. According to experts, the applications we will list below may contain Rogue, one of the most dangerous viruses. This virus; It can access your personal data, location information, photos, contacts and messages, and seize all your information in a frightening way. Even worse, the user cannot revoke the permissions of these applications. Because the software in it makes the application look like an ordinary Google service, preventing this situation.

An even more important danger arises here. This virus can also access your phone’s camera and microphone. It also has the ability to capture your WhatsApp data and delete your recorded messages. Here is the list of those dangerous applications;

Dangerous applications

  • AppleProtect, []
  • Axgle, [com.absolutelycold.axgle]
  • Buzz, [org.thoughtcrime.securesms]
  • Google Play Service, [com.demo.testinh]
  • Idea Security, [com.demo.testing]
  • SecurIt, [se.joscarsson.privify.spitfire]
  • SecurIt, [sc.phoenix.securit]
  • Wallpaper girls, [com.demo.testing]
  • Settings, [com.hawkshawspy]
  • Service, [com.demo.testing]
  • Settings, []
  • Settings, [com.demo.testing]

If you have one of the above applications, delete it from the settings of your phones immediately. Because many of your information can be passed on to someone else.


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