Uniswap (UNI), the leading asset among DeFi protocols, stands out with its very good performance. In the last 7 days, UNI gained a value close to 75%.

During the day, the asset, which gained 12% value, signed an ATH of $ 15.16 on some platforms.

When we look at the crypto money data platform CG data, the famous DeFi protocol reached an all-time high with $ 14.98 1 hour ago. It also ranks 2nd in the DeFi ranking on the CG platform with a market value of $ 4.250 billion. The asset, which continues to rise compared to the recent depression and declines in subcoins, seems to have managed to attract new investors.

Uniswap is a well-known and popular asset according to DeFi protocols like itself. There are several reasons for this. The most important and different from other assets is that it does not charge transaction fees from investors who provide liquidity support to the ecosystem. In this way, it both enlarges the investor base and ecosystem and provides convenience and speed. Perhaps this is one of the most important issues in the increase. The ecosystem, which also uses different rewarding methods, can thus attract new investors.

What to Expect for Uniswap?
When we look at the UNI charts, we see the opposite of the negative situation in Bitcoin and altcoins. As seen in the graphs, the MACD indicator is felt predominantly in the positive region. The UNI bulls are actively taking against sudden declines and ignoring the downtrend. This is enough for now to accept $ 14 support.

Apart from that, the CMF indicator positively represents the high momentum in demands, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. The continuity of this increase in demand will be an effective step for the rise and the arrival of new records.

Finally, it is seen that the UNI value is above the average in the moving 200-day moving average data. This will be an effective point in the increase.

We are seeing many positive points for the uptrend right now. The new ATH that arrives during the day may be a step towards the new ATH in the coming days. Supported at $ 14, the asset seems to defend its place for a while. In the sum of the data, we have a resistance point of $ 17.59 for Uniswap. If this trend continues, it seems highly likely that it will exceed $ 16.

Correction: After the news was written, the asset recorded a new high of $ 15.27. It is currently trading at just over $ 15 in the market.


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