The bitcoin hash rate reached a new record level, reaching 167 quintillion hashs today, and has almost doubled the number recorded in May.

Bitcoin price traded above $ 9600, while mobility in Bitcoin mining climbed to an all-time high.

Recent data show that the hash rate, which represents the total computing power of the hardware used to produce Bitcoin, has risen to 167 kentillion hash per second. According to CoinWarz, the previous record was measured as 139 towns on May 11, the day of the block prize split in Bitcoin.

As is known, companies that produced mining equipment such as Bitmain prior to halving had developed new high-performance mining devices. The introduction of these devices in mining enterprises made a significant contribution to the ceiling of the hash rate.

The rise in the hash rate shows that Bitcoin mining has been given more weight than ever. On the other hand, the higher the hash rate, this means that the Bitcoin network is strong and secure.

After the halving, due to the miners’ reward per block decreased by half, some miners shut down their machines, causing the hash rate to drop sharply. In the days following May 11, the rate, which has regressed to 84 kentillion, is almost twice this number now.


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