The ‘Road to Kingdom’ program has released footage of upcoming episodes.

On Thursday (07/05) yesterday the ‘Road to Kingdom’ program aired its latest episode on Mnet.

In this episode viewers can watch the performance of the contestants when performing songs from popular and legendary boy groups, starting from HOT ‘Warrior’s Descendant’ by ONEUS, then TVXQ’s ‘Rising Sun’ by TOO, ‘Mansae’ SEVENTEEN by VERIVERY, SHINHWA’s ‘TOP’ by Golden Child, and SHINee’s ‘Everybody’ by ONF.

In the next episode we can watch the performances of other contestants, which consist of PENTAGON and The Boyz. The contestants were so surprised when they saw the results of the Round 1 match.

In Round 2, titled ‘My Song’, the contestants will be asked to bring their own songs. Hui then said, “We have prepared performances that we can only show at this time.”

After completing the performance, the members of PENTAGON were seen crying and the other contestants were also unable to hold back their tears.

Fans are speculating that PENTAGON members are crying because it is their last appearance with Jinho who has recently been confirmed to be serving in the military.

You can watch footage of the latest episode ‘Road to Kingdom’ and the contestants’ performances through the following video!


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