After Facebook purchased Instagram, many Instagram features started to be transferred to Facebook. It looks like the two platforms will be much more intertwined with the update of Instagram stories that have been tested by Facebook.

Instagram stories are one of the platform’s most used features. Aware of this, Facebook previously copied this feature.

Now it is possible to share your story sharing on Facebook on Instagram.

What brings Facebook’s Instagram stories update?
Facebook story feature, although not used much, generally users tend to share Instagram stories on Facebook as well.

The platform, which wants to reverse this situation, has started to try to share the posts on its own Instagram stories. Although the details are not very clear at the moment, the shared screenshot gives important clues.

Presumably, Instagram and Facebook accounts need to be integrated to use this new feature. According to the screenshot made on the story security setting, it is possible to publish this story simultaneously via Instagram.

Currently, Instagram stories can be shared on the integrated Facebook account. In fact, the Instagram story feature is not unique to this platform.

Snapchat posts, once the biggest rival in Instagram’s social media platforms, were copied as Instagram story. The platform, which is widely used in our country, suffered a great loss of users after this attack by Instagram. Today, Instagram story is the most used feature of the platform.

So what do you think, does this similarity between Facebook and Instagram increase day by day? We are waiting your comments.


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