Samsung has announced that it will offer updates for the Galaxy A series for a full three years. So, which phones are included in the update program?


South Korean technology maker Samsung has announced that it will strengthen its update policy for Galaxy A phones. According to the information conveyed; The tech giant has started offering three-year major Android updates to A-series devices for the first time.

The new update policy will only apply to the A52 5G for now. But at the same time, regular three-year (possibly monthly) security patches will come to other models. In addition, Android security updates will be offered to some models over the course of four years.

Other A models in the series, including the A02s, A12, A32 and A42, will still stick to the old update policy. In addition to two years of significant Android and regular security updates, these models will likely receive security patches for another two years at a lower rate. Whether or when they will receive improved support is not yet known.

Working hard to get rid of its bad reputation for updating, Samsung got rid of its interface problems with One UI. We can say that Samsung, which has tidy itself up after a hard entry by Chinese companies, is starting to surpass itself, especially in updating.

It is gratifying that Samsung, which wants to bring its updates to its users quickly regardless of the upper and entry segment, will support its phones for many years. Let’s see if these are just supposed to happen or will updates come as fast as promised?


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