Apple extended the trial version of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X due to Corona virus, this time with the Logic Pro X update. The biggest update since the launch of Logic Pro X has been announced. We can say that the new update brings important features for all musicians.

Logic Pro X update released
The biggest Logic update to date has been announced. The Logic Pro X 10.5 update offers powerful new tools to inspire all musicians, from newcomers to using Logic to those who have used Grammy Award-winning albums.

With Live Loops on Mac, Logic users can now make music in new free and nonlinear ways. Loops, samples and recordings can be arranged on the new music grid. The musicians will be able to record different arrangement ideas on the timeline at the same time in this grid. Then, thanks to all the professional production features in Logic, it will be possible to further develop the music tracks.

Remix FX enhances Live Loops with its exciting collection of electronic effects. Electronic effects include real-time effects that can be played on individual tracks such as Bitcrusher, filter, gater and repeater, or the entire song mix. Both features are getting even more powerful through the free Logic Remote app. The Logic Remote app allows users to pair their iPhone or iPad with their Mac to enable Multi-Touch control on Live Loops and Remix FX.

Sampler offers the industry’s popular standard EXS24 plug-in, with extended scope shaping controls.

Also, with the new update, creating original hits that have great humidity, especially in hip-hop and electronic music production, is getting faster. There is a collection of creative tools for this.

Step Sequencer, a new editor in Logic, makes it easy and fun to program drum beats, bass tones and melodic tracks through an interface inspired by classic electronic drum workflows. Step Sequencer combines model-based music-making style with powerful editing tools to create original tracks. Thus, it offers detailed controls on features such as note speed, repeat, crossover, jump, play direction and random selection.

Drum Synth now offers users a large collection of drum, snare, tom, and percussion sounds created entirely by software.

The Electronic Drum Designer tool for creating electronic drum sets in Logic was developed to integrate with new sampling and beat programming workflows. Each drum tray can accommodate new Quick Sampler and Drum Synth plugins.

Logic Remote, a free utility, pairs an iPhone or iPad with Mac computers, enabling users to control and play Logic features and instruments through Multi-Touch gestures.


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