Are you using one of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series phones and experiencing battery problems after the last update. Take a look at our news.



Samsung has been rolling out February security updates for its smartphones for a while, starting with top models. These updates will fix many critical vulnerabilities and provide some improvements, as well as bring problems. Galaxy S21 series has encountered one of these problems.

According to a report on the SamMobile site, S21 series users started to experience serious problems on the battery side after the February update. So what’s the problem causing this?


Galaxy S21 February update drains battery

On Reddit and some Samsung forums, many S21 series users report drastic reductions in the battery life of their phones after the February update. All of the complaints come from users of phones with the Exynos version of the series.

Battery complaints arise from software rather than Samsung’s next generation processor. According to some users, the battery is draining fast due to a problem with cellular connection (mobile data). Battery life continues to remain within normal parameters when affected S21 owners enable airplane mode on their phones.

The battery problem seems to have affected S21, S21 Plus users in the first place. GalaxyS21 Ultra users talk less about this. If you are using a S21 series phone, we recommend that you do not do the February update in the first place. The battery issue has been spoken of in many places right now and as a matter of fact, Samsung will soon be releasing a fix update for top models.


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