StoreMI, which allows Ryzen system users to combine high storage capacity with SSD performance, has been updated with a new feature, while the support list has expanded.

AMD StoreMI supports more platforms
StoreMI, which enables you to obtain a fast and high storage computer with minimum effort, combines the SSD and HDD in the system, combining the advantage of SSD in random operations and the high storage capacity of the HDD under a single roof.

So much so that the software, which allows you to use your Windows operating system installed on the HDD at SSD level performance, supports the combination of drives of different capacities.

With the new version, StoreMI, which also supports Ryzen Threadripper Pro processor, has become compatible with motherboards with TRX40 and WRX80 chipsets.

On the other hand, in the innovation part, it is seen that the new version allows you to assign your SSD installed in the system as a cache drive.


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