OPPO News: Chinese technology giant OPPO has announced a new update that upgrades RAM with software. Mid-segment phones will rise.


In the Android world, new developments continue to occur every day. Android, which is behind iOS in terms of RAM consumption, has now started to break its chains. Chinese technology giant OPPO announced its new technology that upgrades RAM with software. This technology, which will raise the entry and middle segment phones, will offer a more fluid Android experience.

Phones that will increase RAM with OPPO Software will rise to the top

OPPO started to offer RAM expansion feature for some phones with the update of the operating system interface ColorOS 11.3. In applications that consume a lot of memory, the system can allocate space from internal storage resources and add from 1 GB to 5 GB depending on the model of the smartphone.

For example, 8GB of RAM in Reno5 and Reno5 Lite models can be added to 5GB if needed. Likewise, 3GB can be added to the 4GB RAM of the OPPO A74 model in the A Series. Especially on models with less available memory, the RAM+ option reduces memory fragmentation as a result of improved performance.

RAM + technology, which will now provide a smooth experience in mobile games without freezing and stuttering, will come to supported OPPO phones from today. According to OPPO’s statements, this feature will first be received by the Reno 5 series and the OPPO A74 model. It expects the RAM+ feature to come to other OPPO models towards the end of 2021.

OPPO phone users will be able to activate this feature from Settings>About Phone>RAM. Thanks to this technology, which transforms the storage unit into RAM, the biggest handicap of Android, RAM consumption, will be eliminated.


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