Amazon Prime Video has renewed ‘Upload’ one week after its premiere last Friday, May 1. The new comedy by Greg Daniels, creator of the North American version of ‘The Office’ (which you can also find on Prime), must have been quite convincing on the platform. At least the public and critics have responded positively (in my case, with some qualms) to the proposal.

Of course, we do not know yet the premiere date or the number of episodes that this season will feature. 2. A season that Daniels and company already had when doing one of the classic tricks of sitcoms: making a twist that potentially changes the future dynamics.

More capitalist paradise
‘Upload’ takes us to the year 2033, in the near future in which virtual “beyond” have been developed where uploading (in the series they translate upload as downloading, which is exactly the opposite) your consciousness when the end of your life.

Thanks to his millionaire girlfriend (Allegra Edwards), Nathan (Robbie Amell) ends up in one of these paradises after being badly injured in a strange autonomous car accident. There he will begin to develop a bond with his “angel” (his customer service agent) Nora (Andy Allo).

The truth is that I am very happy for the renewal since I would like to see if the series manages to take off completely in season 2. It is not that this first season of ‘Upload’ is wrong, on the contrary. The fact is that, although it is quite funny, it is seen that it does not manage to exploit the full potential of the premise and the implications that it has.

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Daniels’ history indicates that his first seasons are not his forte (you only have to see those of ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’), so we cross our fingers to see if, again, we plant a new one essential from season 2.


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